Meet Dave Myers and the Issues that Matter

For 33 years, I served as a Deputy with the San Diego Sheriff’s Department and worked my way up to the rank of Commander. I’ve managed 24 patrol stations, over 1500 employees, and a budget of $400 million.

I’ve led teams of local, state, and federal officers to attack crimes and keep our neighborhoods safe. As Councilmember, I will encourage our police department to utilize community-based policing practices, de-escalation, and tackle rising domestic violence and elder abuse crimes in La Mesa.

As Councilmember, I will advocate for smart and affordable housing expansion that also addresses traffic, parking, infrastructure, public safety, and other factors that can come with housing density.

As Councilmember, I will work with business owners and regional agencies such as SANDAG to get our fair share of economic development funds and maintain our infrastructure.

As Councilmember, I will work with law enforcement, housing providers, and mental health agencies to find long-term, sustainable assistance for the homeless.